joi, 4 octombrie 2012

Unity - new Ubuntu interface

At first usage, the new linux interface - Unity - could be a headache.
It is a change from the way we were using the navigation on computers.
Understanding the principles would allow you to change the headache into pleasure.

The new interface serves the users to be more productive.
It is more task oriented.  Because the humans uses computers to do tasks. So instead to adapt people to computers, vice-versa is done: adapt computers to help humans.

The productivity is increased by 2 factors:
1. use more the keyboard instead of mouse.
2. just type what you want to be opened, instead to navigate thorough menus with applications.

Eg: you want to edit a text, press Start key (with win logo), type text and some applications are shown. Continue typing to properly identify the needed one if  it is not the first and press Enter. Press Alt+F4 to close it.

There is also a bar with 2 functions:
- list the favorite applications
- list the opened applications.

To navigate between:
- the  opened applications the keys are Alt+Tab.
- the windows of same applications Alt+~ (above tab key).

I hide the bar, gaining more space, because I don't need it since I can open using point 2 and use the navigation from above.

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