vineri, 2 aprilie 2010


I'll start to post my im status messages.

Till now I had:

-De ce e civilizatie in afara? Din cauza educatiei
Sistemul de educatie de la noi permite avansarea celor care nu sunt pregatiti, fie ca sistemul de evaluare este slab (scolile de soferi), fie ca evaluatorii o permit (invatamantul)

- A lot of children and women smoking
Why only women and not men quoted ? Because they carry the baby.

- Did you kiwi (wiki) your knowledge ?
Sharing of information is our civilization engine. Some think if keep it unshared, they have the advantage. But they don't realize that they already know it, understand and use it. They have and keep their advantage of time until the others understand and can use that information.

- No coffee, no work
Fact: people drink coffee (tee) at work. As employer, do you want they spent time in preparing and consuming or just in consuming?

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